Political Campaigns

With the ever-changing nature of today’s political campaigns, candidates need a campaign plan that incorporates not only proven strategies of the past, but also the willingness and creativity to think outside the box. At Triumph, we bring both.

Having been at the center of some of the highest profile campaigns in Ohio, we can help you put together a winning campaign plan that uses a combination of dependable strategies and innovative tactics. From field organizing, early vote and get-out-the-vote efforts to earned media and paid communications, from managing budgets and resource allocation to independent expenditures and ballot initiatives, we can help your campaign succeed in the fast-paced world of modern politics.

Our Services Include:

General Political Consulting
A general consulting relationship with Triumph is a broad-based agreement in
which our team uses its extensive background in managing campaigns to help your
team develop and implement all aspects of the campaign plan including creating
and managing budgets.

Grassroots and Field Organizing
Planning and executing an innovative field program is key to communicating a
campaign’s message. Members of the Triumph team have created winning field plans
for a variety of political and advocacy campaigns, and help our clients reach and
activate their grassroots.

Strategic Communications
Knowing how to communicate your message is the first step towards victory. From
message development and press relations to crisis communications, campaign-style
rapid response, and speech writing and debate preparation, we can prepare a winning
communications strategy for any campaign.

We find that today’s more complex public affairs conflicts often take place in the statehouse and city halls across the state. Triumph’s network of contacts gives our clients the ability to inject their voice into these local debates.

Whether it is state-level direct lobbying, local grasstops, intelligence gathering or coalition building, Triumph has done it and won. We’ve executed both statewide campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and smaller single county efforts for clients looking to pass individual bills. We can perform a number of functions from gathering information, securing meetings and representation before state lawmakers, generating high-level grasstops support to complement lobbying efforts, or form, recruit and manage third party coalitions that bring allies to your side.

With Triumph, you get a seamless transition and the ability to run campaigns efficiently and effectively across the country. We help you maximize your resources and get up and running in minimal time.